Welcome! Aug 13

Hi everyone! I am giving my website a makeover. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate. So I know that most blogs typically have one subject that they write about but who has only one thing that they are interested in? I will most likely be talking about my books, but I love other things too so you all will be getting a variety of things to take a look at here. One day I might be talking about my books, or books that I read, that I love. Other days I might be posting about the next awesome crochet project I am working on. Or someone else’s crochet project that I love. I also do photography so I will be posting photography gigs.  I am very excited about starting this new chapter of my life. Becoming an author has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time and put it off because of fear of the unknown. Not to mention making the time with children to actually sit down and write. Know this though, I appreciate each and every one of you. Fans of my books and my other endeavors is what keeps me motivated to keep going. So I will tell you now and often thank you for your support.

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