Raising a teenage boy

My son is only about a month away from being a teenager. If you have read my previous post you know that my daughter will be 18 soon. I have been pretty
confident in raising my son because “Hey! I’ve done this before.” Umm… not so much. As some of you know there are BIG differences between raising a boy and a girl.
While my daughter is not really the “girly girl” type. My son is the complete opposite of her. Which means that I almost feel like I am raising a first child all over
again. I’m not sure if all mothers of boys feel this way but when they are young they all seem a bit awkward. They don’t really feel as though they fit in.
While bullying is a horrible thing it still happens everywhere. The big difference there is girls can be catty and snide and start rumors behind another girls back.
Boys on the other hand are more straight forward. They talk crap to each other and start fist fights. Things I thought I would already know how to handle I really
don’t know how to do with a boy.

I am not sure where it has come from but my son is sporty and athletic. He loves playing basketball and almost every night he has a
workout routine. While I am terrible at sports and lets face it i’d rather have a bowl of icecream instead of doing a sit up there is one thing that I do understand
and that is competition. My son is competitive by nature. So I saw an opportunity the other day to connect with him by being competitive. Now don’t mom shame me here.
Us moms need to stick together and if you find a way to connect with your kid you do it. Not to mention as I’ve said earlier it is a much different ballgame raising a son. With a daughter you just sit and have a nice conversation (or watch them roll their eyes and walk away). With a boy you have to basically pry the words out of their mouth. EX: “Hi honey! How was your day?”
Then all you hear is mumbling as they leave the room. Or “Fine.” Thats it. Just a word and they are all out of conversation. So it is up to us parents to get our boys
talking. I mean really talking because talking for 3 hours about a game you had no idea exsisted doesnt count in my book. So back to it. I decided to use a little
competition to get my son to talk. I am new to the blogging lifestyle and have been learing many ways to market. I came across some other blogs that talked about using
pinterest as a platform to get more traffic to your site. I had been using pinterest as a general user for a number of years. Who doesnt love it for their favorite
recipes and the latest DIY projects? Honestly there is a whole other side to pinterest that I had no clue even exsisted. So i decided to sign up with a buisness account
and then one of the main things that you have to do when you get a business account is create content but even if you create the best content it wont mean a thing unless
you have followers. So that is where my competition started with my son. He was bragging about how many followers he had on a game that he plays.
Well I was excited when I had my first 10 followers.

But then he said “You will never be able to catch up to how many followers I have.” It was on. I said to him that I would catch up and I will have as many followers as him by his birthday. His birthday is the end of October so I have about a month to get as many followers as him. It is silly I know but having a little competition between him and I has made him talk to me more. He has been a little more interested in what I am doing with my blog and he showed me his game that he is interested in. Connecting with my kids is very important to me and raising a teenage boy is something I know nothing about.
Wish me luck. I will let you all know in October who won. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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