Picking a niche: Too many to choose from

My biggest problem is sticking to one thing.  I have so many different interests that I tend to bounce from one thing to another. Which is why my website contains many different things. Most bloggers out there and blogging gurus always say that you need to pick a niche. I honestly don’t believe that being successful relies on picking one thing and sticking to it. I would get bored and I’m sure most of you would too. No one is only passionate in one area. Everyone has many different interests. My Pinterest page Here has a lot of different areas that I am interested in as well. Why do we have to be limited to what we love?

I am a mom, a wife, blogger, author, photographer, and crocheter.  The list goes on and on and I’m sure your list does too. So I don’t see anyone having to pick one thing to write about. Write about what you love. Lately, I have been focusing on my Pinterest page. If you have read my previous post about the little competition I have going with my son then you know why. Here is a small update on that as of today I have a little over 300 followers. He has close to 500. Not only has this gave my son and I something to bond over but it has also driven me to make the best out of pinterest and my blog here. Lately I have had some personal issues that I may discuss with you all at a later date but instead of it making me want to work less, it has inspired me to work more. As a newbie blogger it is hard to get going. You need to get other individuals to like your stuff and like you. Then you start questioning yourself. Do I have anything  people really want to hear? What if I thought I was good at this but I’m not? We all have our doubts when we first get started. The one piece of advise I can give you is: Don’t give up! Coming from someone who can’t stick to one niche. Coming from someone who is doing a million things at once. Don’t give up! If you find that one thing isn’t working for you, switch to something else. But always give 100% to your passions. One of my biggest passions is writing. I have loved to read and write as long as I can remember. I don’t have a specific genre that I write in. My favorite is Fantasy but I had an idea come to me that I love. It is a children’s book. I have already gotten very excited about it even though I thought I would never be interested in writing a children’s book. I’ll just add one more thing to my list of things I’m passionate about. lol Now if I can only talk my husband into doing the illustrations for it. You don’t have to pick a genre or a niche. Pick the things you love and you will be that much more passionate about it and you will succeed. Tell me in the comments below what are some of the things that you are passionate about? Are you a new writer or blogger like me that might be getting discouraged? Community is key. I will be your writing support group if you need one. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. Don’t give up!

2 thoughts on “Picking a niche: Too many to choose from

  1. I have a personal goal to learn something new every day. It can be big or small but I make it a point to learn something everyday. We started a tradition at dinner where I ask the kids what they learned that day. It has been wonderful to hear what they have learned and good conversation has grown from it. It keeps the lines of communication open.

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