10 Awesome Free Harry Potter Crochet Projects

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Harry Potter crochet anyone? Here are some amazing patterns I found and gathered for you to have in one place.


Sorting Hat– By Crafty is Cool.  Everyone needs a sorting hat in their lives! I love how you can see the face.



Harry Potter Amigurumi– By Daisy and Storm. They have the most amazing free patterns on their site.



Harry Potter Pillow– By Crafty Ridge Designs. This free pattern is great. I need to make the time to make one of these.



Harry Potter Wand– By Crochetverse. The Harry Potter nerd in me needs one of these wands in my life. I love how detailed it is!



Harry Potter Apron– By Rilla Edwards. This apron is the cutest. They have 3 different sizes too! My daughter is a waitress, I wonder if she would wear it to work if I made her one? How could she say no?



Dobby The House Elf– By Lucy Kate Crochet. Dobby is one of my favorite HP characters. Lucy Kate Crochet really did a beautiful job with this pattern.



Hedwig– By Auburn Elephant. Love this pattern! I can’t wait to try it.



Mandrake Hat – By Whistle and Ivy. This pattern makes me smile when I see it. I love how adorable it is.



Mad Eye Patch – By Kelly’s Stuff.  Any Mad Eye Moody fans out there? I love him. He’s gruff but has a big heart. I love this free pattern.



The Golden Snitch – By The Granny Impostor. What Harry Potter collection is complete without a Golden Snitch? I can see someone making a dozen of these to hang from the ceiling for a Harry Potter party.






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