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I know I’m a bit late sharing with you all on who won the little competition my son and I had going on.  I won and he’s frustrated with me. For those of you who haven’t read my previous post about Raising a teenage boy you can read it here.

In less than 2 months I have grown my Pinterest following a lot and I wanted to share with you how I did it. Just remember it takes time and patience to grow any following and don’t get discouraged  if it doesn’t happen over night. When I started my Pinterest page it looked pretty sad to be honest. But I was excited to get even the first 10 followers. This is what it looked like the first couple of weeks I had it.

This screenshot was taken 9/6/2018 as you can see I only had 41 monthly viewers and 61 followers. I took another screenshot 11 days later on 9/17/ 2018.

I had 113 monthly viewers and 269 followers. I was getting even more excited because what I was doing was working. I haven’t bought any courses or anything like that and all my pinning is manual. I imagine that tools like tailwind works really well if you don’t have the time to do manual pinning, but honestly for me I can’t really afford the cost at this time and I really don’t want to mess with a system that for the most part is working for me. I have been super busy the last couple of weeks trying to learn all I can about affiliate marketing and Mail Chimp so I haven’t been following people of Pinterest as much as I had been. Here is my most recent screenshot of my Pinterest page.

On 11/2/ 2018 I had 29.1k monthly viewers and 620 followers. These numbers have proven to me that what I did to gain followers and viewers really worked for me. I don’t know if it will work for you because everyone’s page is different but this is what I did to gain my traffic.

First off you need to make sure you have great pin content. Whatever your niche is (As I’ve said before I don’t really believe in specific niches.) pin your own great pins and don’t forget to repin others great pins. I repin other peoples pins everyday. I  try to pin at least 3 of my own affiliate pins a day. I try to create at least one new blog post and pin for that once a week. Remember this is an ongoing process so you don’t have to have hundreds of pins before you start gaining followers.

Now that you have created some content on your Pinterest page  its time to get viewers and followers. I do a couple of little things to grow my following.

As an example I will use the keyword Crochet. (You can use any keyword that fits the area you are working in ex: Gardening, recipes, crafts) Type “your keyword” into the search field. Once you do that next to the search field is a drop down menu that has people in it once you click on people your screen will look something like this:

Click on the different people that fit your keyword and follow them.

After you do that go into their followers

I always select their most recent followers because it usually means that they are on Pinterest more often and they already follow people. ( You don’t want to waste your time on people who don’t follow back.) Also following your keywords followers means they are already interested in the subject you are in so they are more likely to follow you back.

The last step I always do is to follow your own followers.

I want to be as family friendly as possible so I always look at my followers profile and if they have things that I’d rather not have on my Pinterest I do not follow them back.

Gaining followers and monthly viewers doesn’t always mean that you will be making money right away through your affiliate links and web page. Yes, I have grown my following in the last two months but I have yet to make a sale through my affiliate links. I have confidence that it will happen eventually but as of right now I am happy to learn and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If you have any questions or comments for me I would love to hear from you. Also if anyone has any suggestions on how to get sales with affiliate marketing I am all ears.


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