Best dog and human cookies ever

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is making cookies. This year I found two amazing recipes that my favorite people and my favorite doggies loved. I had to share with everyone. First up is the Human chocolate chip cookies which you can find here at Cafe Delites. I made two batches of these one with Andies mint chips which were amazing and the second batch was  chocolate chip and white chocolate. All of them were a big hit! I had never put maple syrup in cookies before but I am sure glad I tried this recipe. The only suggestion I have for this recipe is make sure you spray your pan with non stick before you bake your cookies.

My father in law with their two boxers, Ruger and Raider!

The other recipe I found is for doggies. Now, I know a lot of you will be thinking that dogs will eat anything. Which is pretty much true when it comes to my dogs. But these dog biscuits smell good to even the humans.  I found the recipe here at Spend With Pennies

The recipe says that they are a hard dog cookie and since one of my dogs is 14 and doesn’t have many teeth left I cooked them for a little less time and they are somewhat softer. The dogs loved them! The best part is you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen already. They are made from pumpkin and peanut butter so if your dog has a sensitive tummy it probably wouldn’t upset their stomach.

I found some cute dog bone shaped cookie cutters if you all want to check them out. They even come with a doggie cook book.

Enjoy your cookies everyone!

My American Bulldog Freya, waiting for Christmas.


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