Easy Breakfast Bake

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I love to cook but I hate standing in the kitchen all night cooking and doing the dishes. I wanted to give you all a recipe that I came up with that my family loves. Disclosure : I never really measure anything that I cook so most of my recipes are more like guidelines than rules. If you are a by the rules kinda person I will add the amounts that I typically cook for my 4 person family.

I love this recipe because it doesn’t take too long to make and you only dirty two dishes. Sometimes I will cook up some pancakes to go with it but it can be a meal all by it self.

Using one pan to cook everything is really ideal because by the end you don’t have any bacon grease to clean up. If I missed anything or if anything is unclear please comment and let me know.

This is the pan I use to cook everything

This is the baking dish I use to heat and serve it in:

Also, I do have to mention to you that this baking dish is the easiest dish to clean! I use it for a lot of meals because most things don’t stick to it. Speaking of doing dishes the best thing that I have found if you have some food that is really stuck are these dish scraper things. They are amazing. It really saves my hands.

Easy Breakfast Bake

Prep: 10 min

Cook time: aprox 45 min



1 package of Bacon

3 1/2  cups Frozen Southern style O’ Brien hash browns

8 Eggs

1 cup Cheese

Small amount of oil or butter (About a tablespoon)

(Your choice if you want to top with hot sauce or salsa)



Cook your bacon on the stovetop in a skillet or frying pan

Set aside on paper towels

*Do not drain grease from bacon pan.

After all bacon is cooked toss in desired amount of hash browns

Cook hash browns on medium high until cooked through and slightly crispy on the outside.

Season potatoes however you wish. I use garlic powder, pepper, salt and a little chili powder.

(If your hash browns are getting soft but not crispy your heat is too low. Sometimes I need to cover my pan if the outside is cooking but the inside is not.)

Take hash browns and put in a baking dish.

Add a little oil or butter to your frying pan turn heat down to medium

Scramble some eggs in same frying pan and put in with hash browns

Crush up bacon in the paper towels and mix it in with the eggs and hash browns

Top with cheese and bake in oven at 350° deg. For 5-8 min until cheese is melted.

Top with salsa or hot sauce if desired.


*Using the grease from the bacon to cook your hash browns gives them a good flavor.

** You determine how much you want to make depending on the amount of people you are serving.

These are the potatoes I use for this dish but I am sure you can substitute with others if that is what you have on hand.

There you go! An easy meal with little clean up! Enjoy!

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