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Hunted: Running For Her Life By: E. L. Krewson

Juliet thought she had everything she ever wanted. She had a perfect home, perfect clothes and the perfect boyfriend. Or is he?

Hunted: Training For Her Life By:E. L. Krewson

Juliet finds herself in a strange place. In a world she never knew existed. With her father back in her life and a prophecy about her that she doesn’t really understand or believe in, she must make a decision. Fight or flight. Which will she choose? Or maybe she doesn’t have any choice at all…

Hunted: Fighting For Her Life By: E. L. Krewson

In the coclusion of the Hunted short story trilogy Juliet faces the battle between the werewolves and the elves. Can her side really win?
Will Juliet finally discover who she really is? Will Juliet accept her heritage and be the leader they need her to be?
Find out in book 3 of the Hunted series. Fighting For Her Life

Check out the Hunted Short story trilogy

 Coming Soon!For The DogsBy: E.L. Krewson

Mia finally belonged. Until her husband decided he doesn’t love her anymore and her world is turned upside down.

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